Şimal Çınar –TDO- On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry of Russia issued a statement on its website to warn its citizens about travelling abroad. In the statement it was said that there is a serious threat of getting arrested by other countries to the Russian citizens at Washington’s request. Russia named this practice as “hunting” for Russians around the world.

The ministry reminded the example of Stanislav Lisov, who was accused of creating a computer virus and was extradited from Spain to the US. Also at least four Russians were arrested on the request of US on cybercrimes in different European countries. It is reported that since the year of 2017, more than 10 Russian citizens detained in foreign countries with the involvement of the US while the number of Russian citizens that have been arrested on the order of US is over 40. The statement also made the warning that the Russian citizens, if arrested may face a biased treatment under US justice system. The statement said, “Using various methods, including direct threats, they are pressured to admit their guilt, despite the fictitiousness of the charges, and when they refuse they are given huge prison sentences.”

Last month, the U.S. State Department has warned its citizens traveling to Russia to “reconsider travel” due to “terrorism and harassment.” However, the US Department of State has not yet commented on the warning of Russian government. 

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