Selin ATAY-TDO- The U.S. plan “peace plan” for the Middle East suggests unilateral concessions in favor of Israel and violates international law, according to Russia’s foreign minister.

Such an approach does not help efforts for a just solution to the issue, Sergey Lavrov told in an interview.

"The U.S., in its usual style, suggested solving one of the most long-standing conflicts of our time in one fell swoop. In addition, Washington inherently ignored the generally recognized international legal framework for the Middle East settlement, which includes UN Security Council and UN General Assembly resolutions, and the Arab Peace Initiative,” he said.

“The American draft suggests solving all the key problems of the ‘final status’ of the Palestinian territories by making unilateral concessions in favor of Israel. It is unlikely this approach will help improve the situation."

Lavrov recalled that Palestine reacted heavily to the U.S. so-called peace plan.

Lavrov said a just two-state solution requires "genuine" efforts from both sides of the conflict, while the international community has to provide impartial support for any Palestinian-Israeli dialogue.

He suggested that the Middle East Quartet – the U.S., UN, EU, and Russia – could act as a mediator. Russia, as a member of the quartet, is ready to help reach a lasting solution, he added.

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