Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.09.2017 Following first flight of Su-57 in 2010 –publicly known as ‘PAK FA T50’- it passed all the tests without failure, according to official statement given by General Victor Bondalev who has undertaken top of Russian Air Forces. General Bondalev uttered “Su-57 passed all the operational tests with absolute success in Syria. Our pilots flied Su-57 in airstrikes against DAES and the rebels rising up against legitimate Syrian regime” in Zvetzva, official TV channel of Russian Defense Ministry. With his explanation, Su-57’s aerial combat capabilities were understood to be well-performed and efficient.

Su-57 5th generation stealth aircrafts have been expected to enter Russian Air Forces’s inventory in 2019 as Sukhoi Aerial Company officials repeatedly remarked in press conferences. The core aim of manufacturing Su-57 above the order of Russian govt. is to compete against new brand aircrafts of US Air Forces, which are varying from F-35 (recently entering inventories) to F-22 Raptor (already in use) manufactured by Locheed Martin – the main aircraft manufacturer/supplier of US Army-. With this step, Russia showed its preparedness against any possible state of war to USA.

Russian Defense Ministry launched an overall modernization program for enhancing both ground and air forces’ abilities in recent years. T-14 Armata tank, Su-57 aircraft and s-500 air defense missile system, which are all latest/5th generation combat vehicles of Russian Army, consolidates Russia’s immediate reciprocity in a prospective attack from hostiles.

As for the key features of Su-57, it comprised of those:

  • Stealth composite materials on the surface of aircraft which is rendering plane invisible by enemy radars,
  • Operational flight in 1.3 Mach Supersonic speed,
  • Super-maneuverability in dogfights,
  • 30mm Cannon with latest upgrades for the aircraft,
  • 14 different projectiles varying from air-to-air to air-to-ground guided missiles with guided bombs.

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