Görkem ŞEKEROĞLU -TDO- Russia envisages to build a naval base on Sudan’s Red Sea coast with the aim of resupplying its fleet, according to a draft agreement signed between the Russian and the Sudanese governments.

The information shared in the Russian government’s official website on Wednesday (Nov 11), mentions a logistical base which will serve for repairs and resupply operations for warships as well as provide rest to naval crew members. The draft agreement says that the capacity of the naval logistics base will be 300 military and civilian personnel and four warships, including nuclear-powered vessels.

The base will be located on the northern outskirts of Port Sudan, according to coordinates given in the draft agreement.

Russia will also have the right to transport weapons, ammunition and equipment needed for the functioning of the base through Sudan’s ports and airports.

According to the terms of the draft agreement, the base meets the goals of maintaining peace and stability in the region, is defensive and is not aimed against other countries.

The document also states that the Sudanese side has the right to use the mooring area upon agreement with the Russian authorities.

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