İlknur Şebnem Öztemel –TDO– A Russian official indicated that their government does not consider PKK and YPG as terrorist organizations.Also, on Monday, Russian media presented the story of a Peshmerga, ‘’saved’’ by Russia, proudly. All of these events raised questions about the future of the positive relations between Turkey and Russia.

Aleksandr Botsan-Harçenko, an official from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said ‘’ Neither PKK nor YPG are not included in Russia’s list of terrorist organizations. This is the reality, the situation is this’’.

Additionally, Sputnik published an interview of a Peshmerga, Hersh Mahmood Khudhur, 36, was wounded by three shots during a Daesh offensive on Kirkuk.According to the news, representative of Iraqi Kurdistan to Russia, Aso Jangi Talabani, organized his transfer to a hospital in Moscow. During the process Russia’s Consul General in Erbil Viktor Simakov helped them a lot as Khudhur got Russian visa just in a day. His surgery in Moscow is sponsored by Lahur Talabani, brother of Aso Talabani and head of Iraqi Kurdistan's Zanyari intelligence service.

In the interview, Khudhur said "It’s my first time in Russia, but I feel here at home. It’s a very beautiful city. And the mission of Iraqi Kurdistan here gives every support". Moreover, he tacitly mentioned the demand of Kurdish militants for military support as "Weapons that we have are really old. These are Kalashnikovs from the Soviet times’’.

Russia’s consulate in Erbil and the mission of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government in Russia have an informal agreement on providing medical assistance to injured Peshmergas, since 2014, the  beginning  of Daesh activities in Iraq,

It is important to notice that Peshmerga’s in both Northern Syria and Iraq have organic relationships with Kurdish terrorists deteriorating the political situation in Turkey and Iran. These militants have always been used according to Iranian, Russian, and even more American and Jewish interests. From time to time, so-called progenitors of the movement, Talabani and Barzani families were supported by different powers. Even, during the Cold War, Russia and USA competed to get the admire,but mostly dependence of Kurdish militants to themselves. In the light of the containment theory and deterrence, each super power tries to weaken other’s ally in the region. In that sense, Russia tried to protect its relations with Kurdish militants. Both Russia and USA promised to help Kurdish militants and signed several friendship agreements with them. Russian-Kurdish Friendship agreement of 1973 is an example of it. However, none of the super powers cared directly to the region till the Gulf War. At that time Soviets were about to be dissolved and Russian Prime Minister, Boris Yeltsin, was trying to have good relations with the West. Whether due to Barzani family’s suspicious relations with the Jewish community or not, Mullah Moustafa Barzani as a very pragmatic man, did everything to get American support, from the beginning of the movement. His dream became true as USA indirectly served for the establishment of the autonomous Kurdish zone in Iraq. Now, American government agreed to give military support to YPG forces and plan to make them enter each international operation and seek to bring them credibility.

Briefly, Kurds are already accepted the rule of the West. It is too late to get their support in the region for the Russian Federation.  Even so, Turkey has at odds with its ally USA as they support Kurdish militants in Northern Syria and this situation leads Turkish government improves its relations with Russia. It is significant to remind that what caused Turkey to question the sincerity of its allies is their approach on the Kurdish issue.Besides, being allies with only Iran and the Syrian regime in the region may not be enough for Russia to reach its aims.


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