Selin ATAY-TDO-Aleksandr Jarov, President of the Russian Federal Agency for Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision (Roskomnadzor), stressed that his political advertising policy before the local elections on 8 September was aggressive.

"The actions of Google and Facebook during the elections were definitely aggressive. It is a cunning defense that these companies are a platform for advertisers only and advertisements are published by others. Because advertising tools are regulated by these companies and they may not advertise what they want," Jarov said.

Roskomnadzor officials met with Google and Facebook 1 year before the election and told about the details of Russian legislation, the companies are aware of their actions, Jarov said, "Because of this we can say that the companies acted incorrectly and intervened in our elections, this is a fact," he said.

Roskomnadzor announced that Google and Facebook had allowed to the spread of political content adson their own platform before and during the local elections of Russia. In his declaration "These actions (of Google and Facebook), can be seen in the form of obstacles to Russia's internal affairs and an impediment of regulation of democratic elections " warning was issued.

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