Russia said it is ready to agree to UN’s plea for 48-hour aid access –if all sides are set to respect the agreement- but not willing to go back to weekly truces in Aleppo.
"The Russian defence ministry has laid out several conditions for a weekly 48-hour pause in fighting," said Al Jazeera' Reza Sayah, reporting from the Gaziantep on the Turkish-Syrian border."It says it' willing to support the plan as a 'pilot program' for the city of Aleppo only. That suggests Russia is not ready to back an indefinite weekly pause in violence. It also suggests there' plenty for all sides to negotiate before the plan goes into effect." The divided city have been without running water for nearly two weeks after infrastructure was damaged by bombing earlier this month. The 5-year-old war have also caused severeshortages in food and fuel in the city.As the viral images of Umran Daknes being pulled out of a rubble in the heavily-bombarded city captured the plight of its civilians and drew the attention of the world, hearingthe news of Russia partially accepting to support the 48-hour truce plan is heart-lifting. However, if the UN wants this plan to be implemented effectively, it must ensure that all sides are onboard, and it must be in charge of the operation.Ata Mert ALADAÐ

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