Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The general elections in Portugal were won by the Socialist Party, according to exit poll results. The PS is expected to bring out 104 to 112 deputies in the 230-seat parliament, according to polling exit poll results broadcast on Portuguese state television RTP.

Despite this, the PS, which increased its number of MPs from 86 in the last election in 2015 and became the country's first political party, failed to win a majority that would come to power on its own.

Prime minister and PS leader Antonio Costa, who has led the country with a minority government for the past 4 years, has signed a compromise that has been seen as impossible for left-wing parties in Portuguese history.

The PS government, which received external support from the Communist Party and Left Bloc parties, had brought political and economic stability to Portugal, which was emerging from the economic crisis.

The 16th in the history of Portuguese democracy. of the 21 political parties that participated in legislative term elections, 8 entered parliament.

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