Selin ATAY-TDO-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that they will announce a plan called "Hormuz Peace Initiative" on the security of the Persian Gulf and invite all countries in the region to participate in this plan.

Before the departure of the New York to attend the UN 74th General Assembly meetings, Rouhani held a press conference, and he stating that they will present a plan for collective cooperation and security in the Persian Gulf under the UN talks, Rouhani said the plan will include economic and other issues, although security is the main goal of that plan."The name of the plan we will explain is the Hormuz Peace Initiative. To ensure the security of the region, all countries around the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz will be invited. with this plan, the world will declare that it wants a long-lasting peace in the region. "he said.

“We believe the solution for the region comes from inside the region and those who come from the outside can never bring peace and security,” what he called a “coalition of hope.”

In addition to that Rouhani claimed that Aramco attacks resulted from the interventions in Yemen and it showed that the US was in pursuit of another target in region "They are propagating that the damage that can be recovered in a week cannot be recovered in a month. This is because the US wants to take over the region completely. Now they say they want to bring the air defense system. The fight is not about us. It is the United States' fight with China and others, and they (their allies with the US) are abusing this opportunity. "

Rouhani said he felt compelled to partake in this year’s General Assembly, mainly because the administration of President Donald Trump did not want the Iranian delegation there. "Either they fear the right to be voiced because they feel painful, or they do not want the American public to be influenced. If they do not want us to join the UN, we have to insist on this.”

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