İrem GÖL -TDO- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran plans to reopen mosques in parts of the country that have been consistently free of the coronavirus outbreak as restrictions on Iranians gradually ease. Iran, one of the Middle Eastern countries hardest hit by the pandemic, will be divided up into white yellow and red regions based on the number of infections and deaths.

Activities in each region will be restricted accordingly, so an area that has been consistently free of infections or deaths will be labelled white and mosques could be reopened and Friday prayers resumed. Iranians have returned to shops, bazaars and parks over the past week as the country eases the coronavirus restrictions, with the daily increase in the death toll below 100 since April 14.

Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirci said in an interview with state TV on Sunday that 116 counties in the country could be considered white at the moment and 134 yellow. Seeking a balance between protecting health and shielding an economy already battered by sanctions, the governments has refrained from imposing the kind of wholesale lockdowns on cities seen in many other countries.

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