Selin ATAY-TDO- Joe Biden chooses  Ron Klain, who was appointed to the White House under Barack Obama to protect the United States ' borders from the Ebola outbreak, as chief of staff.

Ron Klain, who worked with Obama and Biden in 2014, was dubbed the "Ebola Czar" by Obama for his success in fighting the deadly epidemic unfolding in Africa. At that time, only 2 people died in the United States, while 11 people were treated.

Joe Biden has stressed that he will put the fight against Covid-19 first in his promises ahead of the 2020 US election. Biden, who was guaranteed to win the election by unofficial figures, stepped up his work for the Covid-19 outbreak, which caused about 240 thousand death in the United States. Biden announced that he had appointed Ron Klain as secretary general in his new administration in the fight of Covid-19. It is suggested that Biden would benefit from Klain's experience in the fight against coronavirus from previous periods.

Biden said in a statement that he had great confidence in Klain to fight the epidemic. "Ron and I have worked together for many years, and he is an invaluable personality to me. His deep experience and different politics. the discipline of working with people with opinions is exactly what I want to see in the White House. We will deal with this crisis together and reunite the country. " Joe Biden said in a statement.

Joe Biden also said Klain was a highly knowledgeable statesman. "His recommendations have always been based on a structure that varies according to the political process and is based on the context of justice," Biden added.

Ron Klain said in a statement that he would be "honored for a lifetime" to work with Biden again. Klain provided outside support and served as an adviser during Biden's campaign.

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