News Center -TDO- A lunch was held at the embassy on Martisor and International Women's day, hosted by Lavinia Ochea, spouse of Romanian Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Catalin Shopanda and Cultural Attaché of the Romanian Embassy.

Fifty distinguished guests attended the event, including female ambassadors, spouses of other ambassadors and invited guests.

Ochea, the cultural attaché who gave the keynote address, thanked the guests and told them about “Martisor day.”

For this event, Andreea Radu, a paper flower designer from Romania, presented her own paper flower brooches to the guests.

The event continued with catering to the invited guests.

Martisor is an old Romanian tradition in which the coming of spring is celebrated on March 1. According to the old calendar, it is considered the beginning of the New Year. This long-established tradition, which takes its name from March, is called 'martenitsa' in Bulgaria and 'martishor' in Romania. The tradition is also celebrated in Hungary, Moldova and Northern Macedonia.

On this day of celebration of spring in Romania, men present young girls with bracelets made from a tangled red and white rope called ‘Martishor’. The girls believe that by carrying this bracelet on them for two weeks, the year will be strong and healthy.

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