News Centre – TDO- Romania's Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Şopanda, his spouse and Romanian Attaché Militaries Colonel Lulian- Alin Done and his spouse have hosted a reception at the Ankara Atlı Hotel to mark Romania’s Armed Forces Day.

Manu guests attended the reception, as well as military attachés posted in Ankara.

Delivering the opening speech, Colonel Lulian-Alin Done said “On the centenary of our country, we celebrate the day of the armed forces, which is the fundamental institution of the Romanian state and has made important contributions to the creation of modern Romania.

The centenary of the realisation of the great ideal of national unity is an occasion to remember important events in the history of the Romanian nation and to look to the future with hope.

The Romanian army has a significant past and a significant future to come. Those who have worn and still wear the military uniform are figures of loyalty, selflessness and professionalism.

At present we face many difficult challenges and mostly unforeseeable, dynamic geopolitical circumstances. The Black Sea region faces complications and regional security is one of Romania’s aims.

Romania is an important element for stability and credibility within NATO and the European Union.

The Romanian government abides by its obligation under the Defence Programme and attaches great importance to strengthening the defensive capacity of the country, the training and equipment of troops.

At this year’s NATO summit, Romania undertook two important initiatives in the talks held on the Black Sea region and for the establishment of an international army corps command.

That allied militaries already contribute troops to the Multinational Brigade stationed at Craiova shows that Romania is a main element for security in its region.

On the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Great War, our thoughts are with the more than 330,000 Romanian soldiers who died in battle or in prison. They all held the interests of the motherland above their own lives. As historian Nicolae Iorgan said in 1918, “they, the heroes of Greater Romania, the pure characters fighting for the realisation of the national ideal, the integrity of the country, have realised the most important action of our nation.”

Speaking next, Ambassador Gabriel Şopanda said the following: 

Your Excellencies,

Representatives of the Military,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us to celebrate the Romanian Armed Forces Day. Today, on October 25th, we celebrate the WWII actions of the Romanian Army that led to the liberation of the national territory. Therefore, the Romanian Armed Forces Day represents one of the key milestones to celebrate each year. The missions of the Romanian Army have always been fully consonant with the interests of the Romanian nation, and today, on this anniversary, allow me to thank the Romanian Army for its part in our history.

2018 is the year of the Great Union Centennial, who enshrined Romania's attachment towards the principles of tolerance, mutual respect and good coexistence. The Great Romania, in its historical boundaries assumed as an act of free will of the Romanian peoples, has made considerable efforts to mitigate or eliminate the conflictual, vengeance and historical revisionist mentalities.

In 2018 Romania and the Republic of Turkey celebrate 140 years of diplomatic relations and 80 years since upgrading our relations to Embassy level. Cooperation between Romania and Turkey, as NATO Allies, is running at very high parameters. Given also our geographical location, we share security concerns and interests and cooperate actively bilaterally and at allied level to promote common goals and identify appropriate responses to current challenges. Naturally, security developments in the wider Black Sea region and the role of NATO in this context, the strengthening of the deterrence and defense posture on the eastern flank, or relations with the Eastern partners are among the subjects on which we have a deep-going dialogue.

I would like to underline that the Romanian General Staff’s priorities are fully supported by the Government of Romania. Starting with 2017, the budget for the defense ministry was raised, to reach 2% of the GDP, to meet NATO’s guidelines for burden-sharing. Romania is looking forward to working with its allies and partners to increase the security of the Alliance’ southern flank, in agreement with the aims of deterrence, defense and dialogue.

Dear Guests,

Please allow to conclude here my brief remarks by thanking once again the members of Romanian Armed Forces for their service and by reiterating my sincerest congratulations for the Army Day.


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