Şimal Çınar –TDO- Myanmar agreed to receive Rohingya refugees, who have fled to Bangladesh since the military launched so called cleanup operations against "terrorists" five months ago, with an agreement that was signed last week. According to the agreement the returning was going to start on Tuesday and it aims to return hundreds of thousands of Rohingya from Bangladesh to Myanmar over the next two years. However, Bangladesh’s refugee relief and rehabilitation commissioner Abul Kalam reported on Monday that due to the incompletion of arrangements, repatriation of refugees to Myanmar will not start on Tuesday. Kalam said “The list of people to be sent back is yet to prepared, their verification and setting up of transit camps is remaining.”

In Myanmar, where according to the United Nations a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing” is taking place, Rohingya Muslims face violence from government, pro-government mobs and Buddhist extremists. Thus, the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh object to this plan of repatriation because it doesn’t promise them security or citizenship since they aren’t even considered to be citizens of Myanmar and are treated as illegal immigrants even though members of this Muslim group have lived in the country for generations. 

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