İrem UZUN -TDO- Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first leader after the country became independent in 1980, died last week at aged 95 in Singapore. Mr Mugabe ruled the country for 37 years, until he was removed by his own army in November 2017.

His body has arrived in capital Harare and he will be buried after the state funeral on Saturday. However, his final resting place remains a mystery amid a dispute between some family members and the government.

There is a dispute between family members and government over final resting place of the country's founder and longtime leader. Mugabe’s successor President Mnangagwa and his party want Mugabe buried at a national monument to heroes of the liberation war against the white minority Rhodesian regime.However, some of Mugabe’s relatives have pushed back against the plan. Mugabe’s nephew and spokesperson of the family Leo Mugabe declined to say where Mugabe would be buried, but said that his body would be taken to his palatial home in the city, known as Blue Roofin Kutama, located 85 kilometers from the capital.

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