Mustafa AY – TDO – 06.08.2018 On Sunday, Saudi Arabia made an unexpected diplomatic steps towards Iranian administration. Riyadh granted visa to an Iranian diplomat to enter the country. Iran can reestablish its diplomatic bureau within Swiss embassy to serve for promoting intergovernmental diplomacy by the virtue of Riyadh’s this move. However, at least for a while, Iran doesn’t look forward to open its embassy, which has been closed since January 2016.

Saudi Arabia’s good will towards Tehran appeared right after Shia Houthis in Yemen has just halted its attacks on Saudi oil tankers. As known, when Yemeni Houthis organized a bombing attack against Sauid oil tanker on 25th of July, Saudi oil giant ARAMCO announced suspension of oil shipment across Red Sea. On August 4, ARAMCO officials released their decision on resuming oil shipment in Red Sea.

After Saudi oil giant’s assertions, that Saudi administration exhibited good will towards Tehran as well as ARAMCO has just started oil shipment again bring up the claims concerning whether both nations sit on the table of reconciliation on the matter of Yemeni conflict or not. Besides this, Saudi Arabia’s efforts to set up a diplomatic channels with Iran seems that Saudi Arabia steps back on the issue of anti-Iranian oil embargo campaign, which emerged after Trump’s offer.

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