Rising Patriotism in China


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Chinese government has ordered educators to rewrite textbooks to describe the conflict as the “14-Year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression,” lasting from 1931 to 1945, In order to provoke nationalism and create additional support for the ruling Communist Party,

The Chinese Ministry of Education said the decision to add six years to the war will promote patriotic education and to highlight the Communist Party’s “core role” in resisting Japanese fascism before the World War II.

After the innovation in history books, the Second Sino-Japanese War will be described as having started in the fall of 1931, when the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Manchuria

Actually the beginning of the war’ was the Marco Polo Bridge incident, a combat in 1937 between Japanese forces and Chinese troops along a rail line, in the southwest of Beijing.

Communist party joined the was in 1937.

Famous historian Zhang Lifan  said that  the decision to revise the length of the war was justified from a historical perspective. But he added,  it would also have political benefits for the party and would encourage anti-Japanese sentiment.

Kerry Brown, a professor of Chinese politics at King’s College London, called the textbook revision a “tidying up of history.” He added  this would  just exaggerate the Communists accomplishments.

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