Mustafa AY – TDO – 08.09.2017 2 weeks before, Harvey Hurricane hit Southern States of USA –Texas and Louisiana- very bad. Since its appearance, Harvey Hurricane coerced the local authorities and Washington to take some immediate precautions varying from halting petroleum drilling facilities operations and evacuations of indigenous people to neighboring states. Insomuch that, colossal damage equivalent to worth of 100 billion dollars was expected to emerge as Washington estimated so. Now, Irma Hurricane is about to supplant Harvey. Irma Hurricane, in comparison with Harvey, is so much bigger that has potential to tear every durable structure down with its approximately 300 km wind speed. While US govt. and local authorities in Texas and Louisiana are relieving the backward situation that inhabitants are exposed to, now Irma Hurricane is about to hit Florida, Georgia and Carolinas States which may likely put US govt. on unbearable economic hardships, other than millions’ lives. US National Hurricane Center classified Irma Hurricane to ‘Category 5’ which is highest category in the Center, on account of its roughly 300 km wind speed. According to this category, any hurricane in this category is prone to clean everything before itself up. The Hurricane Center in its website shared the possible scenario as the trees will be uprooted, homes and big structures will be demolished, and finally the electricity grids will be in so much collapsed that power outage would last for months.

Up till now, Irma Hurricane killed 10 in Caribbean and 8 in French Exclaves nearby Brazil. Particularly, the situation in French Part is very bad because the structures were destructed in the aftermath of strong wind and over flooding. Irma Hurricane is storming Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico and keeps moving through North where Haiti, Dominic Republic, Cuba and Florida exist. That’s why, Florida has just proclaimed state of emergency and warned the residents to be prepared for evacuation. In addition to Florida, Northern States – Georgia and Carolinas – are on red alert. In case of any imminent natural phenomena closing on their gates, local authorities will call for economic, technical equipment and military support to be used in evacuations and renovations of the regions.

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