Hassam Hameed-TDO-10.02.2018- Review of daylight saving has been ordered by EU which can stop switching clock during summer and winter time. Debate has surfaced that daylight saving have long-term health benefits and reduce traffic related accidents. But opinions seem to differ in Parliament.

Critics are arguing whether daylight saving can have any health benefits, whereas now European Union specify shifting of an hour forward in spring and an hour backward in winter, which is binding on all 28 members of EU. "Studies that show an increase in road accidents or sleep trouble during the time change must be taken seriously", said the French MEP.

Debate began when in Finland a petition was signed by 70,000 people in order to abolish daylight saving across EU.

An experiment occurred in Russia in 2014 where all year round summer time was implemented which created health and stress problems, predominantly in northern parts of Russia.

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