Result of the Astana Conference; Russia, Turkey and Iran Confirmed their Old Statements


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Syrian regime, Syrian opposition, Russia, Turkey and Iran met in Astana to settle Syrian Crisis. Also, Kazak Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kairat Abdakhmanov, UN representative to Syria, American ambassador to Kazakhstan (as an observer) joinedthe conference.

 In the final statement Russia, Turkey and Iran assigned that there is no military solution to the crisis and agreed on the territorialintegrity and sovereignty of Syria, as a ‘’multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-sectarian and democratic’’ state.  Moreover, it was announced that a trilateral commission to monitor the ceasefire will be established. Furthermore, guarantors highlighted their determination to fight against Deash and Al-Nusra and their separation from the opposition. Besides, parties agreed on the representation of opposition in upcoming Geneva talks.

Both Russia and Turkey invited U.S. representatives to the meeting but new American government considered that it would be enough to attend as an observer.

It can be interpreted as a review of MoscowDeclaration, similarly happened between Russia, Turkeyand Iran, in Moscow, on 20 December 2016. It is undeniable that lack of American representation in ministerial level, decreased expectations from the conference and prevented participants to reach a better solution. On the other hand, it is very significant as it shows the political partnership between Russia, Turkey and Iran.  It is important to remind that Iran and Turkey are encouraged to be in a sectarian fight in the Middle East.  Additionally, developing relations between Russia and Turkey which is a member of NATO, intimidate Western politicians. USA and on-the-ground rebellion groups that have American support lay the groundwork for future developments.

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