Demonstrations took place in Japan on the occasion of the planned visit of President of the USA, Barack Obama, to Hiroshima, one of the Japan cities that USA dropped atomic bombs during his stay at Japan for the G7 summit.Statement of Obama regarding that he will not apologize in his historical visit, has about atomic bombs encountered with reactions. Obama, the first sitting president of USA that will visit Hiroshima, stated that He will not apologize for dropping atomic bombs and this subject should be analyzed by scholars. “No, during war time, political leaders take crucial decisions. Every leader has to make difficult decisions.” answered Obama to a question whether he will apologize or not. “I would like to underline the necessity of sense of urgency and the existence of great risks. It is not only about lost and deaths from all over the world in Second World War, it is about reminding ourselves the work is done.” declared Obama who was given a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to world peace and non- proliferation of nuclear weapons.Barack Obama who is planning to visit a memorial situated in the center of the explosion, will be the first USA president to visit the region since Second World War.Mete Ersöz

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