While effects of economic crisis in Greece are continuing, thousands of Greek people tired of the austerity policies of SYRIZA government hit the streets and protest the government.Many protesters gathered in Syntagma Square, Athens where Greek Parliament is found, and wanted Tsipras to resign. Greek people, who are not contented with the government' policies and strategies, had organized several protests on the grounds that promises of the government are not ever realized. People of Greece had to pay the price of economic crisis out of their pocket and became fed up with the government. While Athens imposed restrictions and reductions on pensions and salaries of the civil servants, price of public buses and toll roads are increasing. Greek people, who criticize the price rises, began to use public buses and toll roads without paying the price and buying tickets. SYRIZA government are drawing reactions by closing alternative roads to toll roads and forcing drivers to use toll roads. Civil Servants, pensioners and many employers from different sectors are stating that protests will continue.Mete Ersöz 

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