Mustafa AY – TDO – 05.07.2018 On Wednesday, a rescue vessel belonging to Spanish humanitarian assistance organisation ‘Proactiva Open Arms’ saved approximately 60 refugees inclduing in 5 women and 4 children from drowning. Afterwards, rescue vessel with 60 refugees tried to anchor Italian and Malta harbours, but officials from both countries didn’t permit the rescue ship to do so. The rescue vessel turned its route to Catalonia’s capital city Barcelona. Catalonian officials allowed rescue vessel to drop the anchor to their harbour. After that, 60 refugees from Palestine, Guinea and Syria were immediately taken into medical treatment. Once medical treatment for refugees was finished, Spanish security forces commenced processing them. Last month, Spain admitted 629 refugees carried by rescue ships belonging to Spanish NGO ‘Aquarius’. That Italy and Malta didn’t let Spanish NGO’s rescue ship anchor prompted reaction of many people on social media.

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