The issue of refugees, which has affected Turkey economically, politically and socially continues to remain on the European agenda under different headlines. While the USA tries to remain aloof, European countries are trying to make it out of the crisis with minimum loss.
As of June 2016, EU authorities and various other sources have announced the presence of more than one million refugees in Europe. It has been stated that one million refugees have settled in Germany alone. While most refugees in Germany are Syrians, other groups are Afghans, Iraqis and Yemenis who have likewise been displaced by civil war and poor living conditions. The severity of the approach can be garnered by the suggestion of Theo Deutinger, the owner of a Dutch architectural firm, for building an artificial island for refugees in the Mediterranean. So much so that EU countries have been offering Turkey billions of Euros and its citizens free travel in the Schengen Zone in exchange for withholding all refugees with dream of making it to Europe. With the rise of the far right, European nations have turned fully against refugees and hateful and violent protests against them have taken place. By Sevim YETİŞENYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of July

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