Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.12.2017 An Arab-origin high school student in Germany made verbal assail on his Jewish-origin classmate named Aaron Wick. The incident unfolded during a class discussion over Middle East and more basically the issue of Jerusalem. Arab-origin student offended Wick by verbal harassment referring to “well done Hitler!” in response to that Aaron Wick spoke against the creation of Palestinian state. To the mutually done offence, but Arab-origin student’s is apparently overwhelming, European community rightfully overreacted since such a heavy inheritance of Jew genocide left by Hitler to Germany is still too harsh in the minds of German society. However, that such a sympathizing community – mostly native Germans -, who deny all sorts of racial segregation, made remarks on the base of race and xenophobia referring us to that there must be a clash of reasoning. However, there are some like those people in clash of reasoning, but they are just a group of people, so no need for lapsing into the mistake of generalization. We should see the reflection of the incident in the social media. Some people said “those Arabic students should send back to their native soils” while some others said “that’s completely wrong: Incorrect tolerance of some leading politicians paved the ground for 'imported Jew Hate’, which is obviously not limited to the lower educational levels of foreign haters”. 

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