İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO -The Kosovo cadastral agency decided to register all real estate, amounting to more than 2 million square meters of buildings, including a ski resort and a mining complex and also land, as the property of Kosovo.

In return for the announcement, Serbian First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said the decision was "completely illegal and unacceptable.’’.

He asserted that no serious investor would spend money in Kosovo regarding this decision, because ‘’they won't know whose property it is in the end ".

Dusan Prorokovic, an expert with the Belgrade-based Strategic Alternative Fund, told to Sputnik in an interview that Pristine prefers to resolve all disputes with Belgrade by military force and that all it really want is property.

He said “All they are doing was previously approved by the Obama Administration. They started with a demand for a Kosovo army and within the next few weeks, we could expect further such steps by Pristine. They know that the international community will look on as a new balance of forces is emerging in the Balkans”.

In the recent months, Belgrade and Pristinecame acrossdue to a train which was written as ‘Kosovo is Serbian’’ on its back .

It seems this is Pristine’s response to Belgrade as aggression is rising between them.  War is an undesirable thing that may change the way of life that we know totally. Unfortunately, each war changed the numbers of people, life conditions of people, and thoughts of people and ownership of numerous properties that counts above billions of dollars. 

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