Serhat TUNAR -TDO- After heavy rainfall throughout Italy, 2 people were killed as the water level rose to 187 centimeters in Venice, a tourist city famous for its canals.

Heavy rainfall in Italy for several days caused a natural disaster in Venice. The city, famous for its canals, saw its water level reach 187 centimeters as of last night (Wednesday), the highest level since the 1966 flood, measuring 194 centimeters. Numerous gondolas and boats came ashore due to the rise of the waters, many of which also sank.

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, who said the city's historic Basilica San Marco was also badly damaged in the flooding, called on the government to intervene immediately, noting that the city was facing historic disaster.

Brugnaro, who said the city had surrendered to sea waters and that no such thing had been seen since 1966, also called on his social media account to ask Venetians to take photographs and document the damage they had suffered.

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