Raid Salah is Free


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel -TDO- Raid Salah, a key figure of Palestinian Islamic Movement in 1948, was  released  after nine months of imprisonment . In his first speech Salah said, ‘’I sacrifice my blood and my life to Al-Aqsa Mosque. ‘’ He added ‘’ I promised to say this as soon as I would be free, now I am free and I will say it again and again’’.

Officials of the prison was protested as they freed Salah without informing anyone.   Salah was sent to a Jewish neighborhood in silence. Islamic movement condemned this. Vice president of the organization, Kamal Hatip,  said Israeli government was a coward and deserved to fight with gangs.

Raid Salah was judged as he encouraged people to aggression, in one of his old preaches.  Jewish court gave him prison sentence for nine months, on 18 April.  Salah was living in a private detention cell  in Bir’u’s-Seba, since May.

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