Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Efforts to extinguish the fire in the forest near the former Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant are continuing, experts say, adding that the radiation level in the region has increased 16 times more.

Jegor Firsov, a member of the Ukrainian Environmental Supervision Agency, shared a message on his social media account with his followers that negative news had come from the region and that the radiation level at the center of the fire was above average. The video, which Firsov shared in his message, shows that the Geiger counter, which measures the amount of radiation, shows 16 times more radiation than normal values. However, no official explanation as to exactly how high the radiation level was has yet been made.

According to Firsov, the fire has spread over an area of 100 hectares. Earlier information stated that 20 hectares had been burned. A statement by Ukrainian firefighters in the morning said that part of the fire had been brought under control and that firefighting efforts were under way. More than 140 firefighters, two firefighting aircraft and a helicopter are on duty to extinguish Saturday's blaze.

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