Serhat TUNAR -TDO- French former President Nicolas Sarkozy has faced a huge backlash after he used the word 'monkey' instead of the word ‘black’ in a television show he attended.

Thursday, September 10, Nicolas Sarkozy, a guest on a program broadcast on TMC television, spoke of how politicians no longer dare to use the words used by the public on a daily basis, and cited Agatha Christie's book '10 Little Soldiers' as an example.

Sarkozy recalled that the first name of the book was different and said: "Can we use the word monkey now? We can't say that, so we say the name of the book differently."

Sarkozy's statements drew backlash. As well as Sarkozy's statements, the silence of journalists in the studio also drew reaction.

Sarkozy has also been criticized for controversial statements he used, especially for immigrants of North African origin, while serving as interior minister and President.

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