Selin ATAY-TDO- ‘I news’ reports based on the Buckingham Palace sources that the Queen asked her aides for the first time for clarification on just when and how she could dismiss a prime minister who refuses to step aside.

According to news, the monarch reportedly asked aides for first time in her reign just how and when should could dismiss a PM.

Britain's Constitutional Court last week ruled on that the Johnson government’s request to vacate Parliament was unlawful. Johnson criticized the court's decision, calling the Queen's ‘edict’ to this effect a ‘blank piece of paper’. According to political observers, Boris Johnson also misled the Queen with his move, leaving her in a constitutionally difficult position.

In Britain, the Queen is seen as the symbolic head of State, although laws and some critical decisions come into force only with her approval. The Queen's powers include appointing the prime minister and ministers.

‘I news’ suggested that the view the Queen wanted from her advisers was not in the context of Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament. According to news reports, Queen 2. Elizabeth may be calculating how she might impose a sanction against Johnson if he is ousted in a no-confidence vote but refuses to resign.

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