Mustafa AY – TDO – 01.08.2017 Despite Saudi-led economic sanctions over Qatar, Doha administration has been successfully sustaining its 2022 World Cup preparations. That Saudi-led coalition cut off construction material to Qatar led the unintended suspension of preparations. But, Qatar undertook a formidable task to complete that is ‘finalizing all preparations’, in spite of suspensions emanating from crisis. Within the preparations, Doha strives for building eight stadiums, rail roads, and city capable of hosting 200.000 tourists that will expectedly come for 2022 World Cup.

That Qatar crisis created short-lasting drawback in supply on construction works for World Cup inevitably stimulated Doha to take measures. Before the crisis erupted, Qatar met its steel need through Saudi contractors. But, crisis obstructed the business among those parts. Currently, Qatar met its steel needs from Malaysian firms on account of the sanctions over construction materials by Saudi-led coalition. Besides, now Chinese construction companies find themselves in Qatar to meet what Qatar needs, which lead the appearance of survival of Qatar against ongoing crisis.

Secretary General of the Qatar World Cup Supreme Committee, Hassan Al-Thawadi, relieved the minds of both World Cup Committee and Qatari public following his statement “we solved the problem raising in supply chain” because Doha undertook 240 billion Dollars expenditure for construction program. If Qatar had given up all these projects, Central Bank’s 350 billion Dollar worth total assets would have been depleted insomuch that foreign investors and financial associations would label Qatar as ‘unreliable for the investment’. That is equivalent to the total bankruptcy of the country.    

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