Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) Qatar faces an economic war that culminated in the decision by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to sever trade ties with Qatar and to close the sea, air and land ports. The decision-makers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain believed that the imposition of the embargo would lead to strangling the country economically and causing a severe shortage of commodities, but a tour within the markets, commercial spaces, airports and streets in Qatar shows that things are normal, where there is no congestion on goods in the markets, in addition to the availability of different products.

Qatari analysts and from other countries say that Qatar has many alternatives to break the economic blockade and deal with the trade embargo, especially as the size and strength of the Qatari economy has reached more than 170 billion dollars, according to the International Monetary Fund. And according to these "Qatar has a cash flow of close to 400 billion dollars, distributed among the sovereign wealth fund, which manages more than 335 billion dollars in assets, the rest in the form of foreign exchange reserves, this liquidity enables Qatar to finance its foreign trade. " Also Qatar has one of the largest and most powerful banks in the region. These banks are able to open documentary credits to importers of all goods and services from abroad, especially with a network around the world.

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