By Adel Tayari –TDO-The investigations of the Qatari Ministry of the Interior on the process of penetrating the site of the Qatar News Agency and accounts on social networking sites in the twenty-fourth of May last, that the penetration took place from within the UAE.

At a press conference at the Ministry of the Interior, The Qatari  investigation team in the penetration incident confirmed that all the evidence has been reached has been able to prosecute those responsible for the hacking  under international laws on cybercrime,  and identify the international institutions to which the file will be transferred to it, because the hacking Internationally the hacking, is a crime of cyber terrorism - a flagrant violation of international law , and there is other technical evidence has not been disclosed so far.

The head of the investigation team Ali Mohammed al-Muhannadi said that the process of hacking took place in three stages, started by penetrating the site and controlling the news agency, and followed by hacking agency accounts social networking sites, and then published a news bulletin containing fabricated statements to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, pointing out that the preparation for the hacking was days before the implementation.

He added that the specialized bodies of the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar is supported by the efforts of friendly and brotherly countries after they have taken control of the penetration process proceeded immediately to collect evidence related to the incident, and they concluded that a short time before the hacking day, hackers discovered a software vulnerability to access the Qatar News Agency's publishing systems and passwords on social networking sites, and then exploited them to publish fabricated news.

The investigation team reviewed the various stages of the penetration, providing a graph showing the high ratios of users to the site of Qatar News Agency website from the United Arab Emirates a quarter of an hour before midnight on May 24, the hacking day. The graph also confirmed that the penetration that occurred after midnight with thirteen minutes, preceded by surveys of hackers, to make sure that malicious programs which was planted days ago are working.

A member of the investigation team Osman Salim al-Hamoud that all the evidence was reached after considerable efforts made since the first day of the penetration,  in cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stressing  that the investigation team has identified the source of penetration and serial numbers of the devices used to implement the penetration, but it is difficult to identify the people responsible for the hacking, because this is linked to the cooperation of the UAE, which is currently impossible.

These data, which were revealed by the investigation team confirms what the Washington Post reported a few days ago, as it confirmed the UAE involvement in the hacking the site of the Qatar News Agency. This fact confirmed by other American media, such as the NBC channel, which quoted US officials as confirming reports of the UAE hacking to Qatar News Agency.

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