Selin ATAY-TDO-Qatar, which officially supports Turkey's two-week Operation Peace Spring, has defended Turkey against criticism of the operation. "Turkey's operation in Syria is not a crime. However, there are many players in Syria whose crimes are not condemned."

Reacting to international opposition to Turkey's operation in Syria's northeast, Qatari DefenseMinister Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyahsaid: "Turkey's operation in Syria is not a crime. "There are many players in Syria whose crimes are not condemned," he said.

Qatar's Defense Minister said that Turkey has shown its virtue to the world in its efforts to help millions of asylum seekers, on the other hand, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's threat to open borders and unleash millions of asylum seekers on Europe is not 'hollow promises'.

By stating that the constant accusation of 'targeting the Kurds' of Operation Peace Spring is highly erroneous, the Defense Minister said in a statement: "Highlighting the Kurdish community is a big mistake and a provocation. Kurds are an important part of Turkish society. Now that we're talking about the war on terror, why limit our understanding of who the terrorists are to ISIS and Al-Qaeda? There are other terrorist organizations, of course."

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Lulve Rashid Al-Khatir said Turkey's Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria was important for the security of countries neighboring Syria. He also stressed that Turkey is contributing to the fight against ISIS on an equal footing with countries in the international coalition.

Recently, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar had spoken on the phone with Qatari Defense Minister Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiyah. Minister Akar, who shared information about the Operation Peace Spring launched east of the Euphrates, said the operation was carried out within the framework of Turkey's rights arising from international law, the UN Security Council's resolutions on combating terrorism and the “right to self-defense” contained in Article 51 of the UN Convention.

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