Since the start of the Gulf crisis, Qatar announces first military move

Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) Qatar has withdrawn its forces from the border between Djibouti and Eritrea, ending the mediation role in the current border dispute between the two countries, Qatar's foreign ministry said on Wednesday (June 14th) in Doha's first public military move since the Gulf crisis began.

"The State of Qatar has been and continues to be an honest diplomatic mediator in resolving crises and disputes between fraternal and friendly countries and will continue as a major player in the international community," the ministry said in a statement. The ministry did not give a reason for withdrawing troops, but the move comes as Qatar faces a major diplomatic crisis with some of its Gulf neighbours.  The statement did not specify the number of soldiers who were withdrawn, while Qatar told the government of Djibouti to withdraw troops.

The US news network CNN quoted an American source as saying that the United States was monitoring a growing Qatari military activity amid growing tension in relations with its neighbours.

The source added that Qatar had put its forces "at the highest alert" amid fears of possible military intervention across its southern border with Saudi Arabia. The source said that the Qatari Ministry of Defence sent a letter to the governments of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, on 5 June, warning that it will shoot any ships entering the waters from these three countries.

The measures taken by the government of the State of Qatar amid global fears of the possibility of armed conflict between the Gulf States were likely to occur by several parties, most notably Germany.

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