Russian President Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has met in a summit today, to reacha deal over a group of small islands (Southern Kurils) that have prevented two countries from formally ending their world war hostilities.

It has been announced that Putin and Abe have agreed to restorefrozen militarycontacts. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov declared that it had been agreed that it was necessary to restore other mechanisms of their bilateral dialogue which had been frozen in recent years. He said ‘’ I mean military contacts and 2+2 format talks.’’ He added Tokyo and Moscow are interested in close cooperation in the region.

It has been claimed that Putin and Abe also discussed the issues of Syrian Civil War, political crisis in Ukraine airdefence, US presence in the Asia Pacific region and North Korea’s threats. Lavrov said USpresence in the area is disproportional against the threat imposed by North Korea and US uses this as a pretext to boost modern arms there.

Besides, it has been revealed that Putin and Abe discussed to sign a bilateral peace treaty.

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