Selin ATAY-TDO- Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin assessed recent price increases in basic food products in Russia, such as sugar, sunflower oil and vegetables.

During a meeting with government officials, Putin reacted harshly to Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov’s remarks that “we are following the situation.”

Putin focused on Economic Development Minister during the meeting, asking: “Sugar prices have been rising for months, you say 'we are following'. In conditions where unemployment is rising and incomes are falling, basic products become expensive and you're telling me stories. Are you going to have meetings on these issues again, or what are you going to do?”

In his speech, the Russian leader emphasized that the disposable real incomes of Russians fell by 4.3 percent. "Sugar prices have increased by 71 percent. People limit themselves because they don't have the money to spend on basic food. What are the authorities doing? This situation is not a joke, it is necessary to step in immediately,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin, in a statement last week, mentioned about price increases. “The Soviet Union had everything, but not enough for everyone. Now, however, people may not have enough money to buy certain products at the prices we see in the market. Be careful not to be like this,” he warned.

An investigation by the Russian Prosecutor General's office into the price increases indicated that sugar prices increased by 71.5 percent, sunflower oil by 23.8 percent, and flour prices by 12.9 percent.

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