Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Russian President Vladimir Putin has said it is unacceptable for children to be used through the internet as a means for some people to achieve their selfish goals, and claimed it would have devastating consequences for the country's future.

Speaking at a charity event in Russia, Vladimir Putin said that the issue of introducing certain restrictions on the internet has been discussed for a long time and said: “the Internet has penetrated all areas of life and has to comply not only with the basic laws, official legal rules, but also the moral laws of the society in which we live, otherwise this society will collapse from the inside.”

Putin also said that the protesters were using children as vehicles, adding: “fighting with the police, hooliganism, pulling children into the streets, putting them forward and hiding behind them. What is this? It is the use of children as an object, it is the use of children as a means for someone to achieve their selfish goals, it is the use of children as a source of income at all times.”

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