Mustafa AY – TDO – 3.01.2018 Iran has been confronting with increasing public anger, which is considered to be stemming from alleged corruption and economic instability. Once the public revolt appeared, Tehran administration stimulated its security forces on the streets with the aim of quelling the tension, but they’ve seemingly failed to alleviate the severity of insurrection yet. Iranian security forces apprehended 100 protestors. Besides the custodies, Iranian security forces killed 8 demonstrators. According to Iranian authorities, 6 of 8 protestors were killed in an attempt to steal guns from police station in Qahdarjan. The remaining 2 were killed in Najafabad, which is a town of Isfahan.

In the wake of the aggravating public insurrection surrounding whole Iran, President Hassan Rouhani made official statement targeting Western countries: “Islamic Republic of Iran’s enemies are not happy with our nation’s achievements, glory and development”. Besides Rouhani, Iran’ National Security Council released an official statement saying “the increasing uprising can be described as a proxy war targeting Iranian society”. The head of Iran’s National Security Council – Ali Shamkhani said “hashtags and messages leading the protests to getting worse come from USA, Britain and Saudi Arabia”. Finally, Imam Ali Khamenei uttered “Iran’s hostiles use money, weapon, politics and their intelligence agencies to tear down our Islamic Republic”.

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