News Center –TDO- In cooperation with the Association of Guide Dogs and PTT, the promotion meeting of commemorative stamps on 'auxiliary dogs' was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Ankara in order to raise awareness about duty dogs, search dogs and guide dogs.

Ambassador spouses, PTT Meritorious Papers Department head Mehmet Orhon, AFAD presidency Ankara Union director Kartal Muhçı and invited guests attended the meeting.

Nurdeniz Tuncer, President of the Association of Guide Dogs who made the opening speech, said that the commemoration stamp is important to them. Expressing that they had the opportunity to explain themselves at the event, Tuncer thanked the authorities for their choice to issue a memorial stamp among thousands of applicants.

Mehmet Orhon, head of PTT Meritorious Papers Department, said that the commemorative stamp on "auxiliary dogs" was accepted as one of the symbols of independence at the presentation meeting, such as the flag and the national anthem.

Orhon reminded that the postage authority was in PTT, and said that the stamps, which are cultural promotional materials, were passed on from generation to generation through collectors.

Orhon, pointing out that guide dogs are people's closest friends and make their lives easier, expressed their happiness to give these animals a place on their stamps. Orhon, who pointed out that the Braille alphabet was also used during the first day of treatment today, said that they intended to raise awareness.

Kartal Muhçı, director of the AFAD presidency Ankara Union, said that search dogs are used in all areas from earthquakes to disappearances in the land, and that even under the wreckage of dogs can not be pointed at the devices were guiding in cases.

Muhçı said the injured man who was last removed from the wreckage during the Elazığ earthquake was rescued thanks to search dogs. And depending on whether or not people are unconscious under the debris, and the position they are in, they are sometimes unable to get information with electronic devices, using search dogs in such situations.

The commemorative stamps on "auxiliary dogs" prepared by PTT, each in 3 series of 2,40 Turkish Liras, the first day envelope of the said Stamp was offered for sale at a cost of 9,50 Turkish Liras. Today, the PTT Stamp Museum also uses the first day stamp with the words" Assistant dogs 04.03.20220 ANKARA".

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