İrem UZUN -TDO- Police on Tuesday fired tear canisters on university campuses and in the city’s business district to disperse protesters for the second day in a row as they rallied to call for an investigation into alleged police brutality.

On Monday, major universities canceled their classes and graduation ceremonies as anti-government protesters disrupted traffic in the city. Police had entered the campuses of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong and arrested a number of students during clashes.The Chinese University of Hong Kong's president Rocky Tuan, who is a world-renowned biomedical scientist, was 50 meters from police as they opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas and reportedly shouted at him “it isn't time to negotiate".

Police fired 255 tear-gas rounds, 204 rubber bulletsand 96 sponge grenades. They arrested 287 people, including 190 students, for illegal assembly, possession of offensive weapons, assaulting police and property damage. Those arrested were aged between 12 and 82.Hundreds of masked protesters, many of them students, hurled back petrol bombs, rocks and bricks, some launched with catapults. After the clashes, dozens of the injured lay sprawled on the ground at a nearby sports pitch.

The Scholars’ Alliance for Academic Freedom condemned the police for entering university campuses without a warrant, using tear gas and arresting people. Ip Kin-yuen, a lawmaker representing the education constituency, said the police cannot enter campuses unless there are special circumstances to justify it.However, the police said the Public Order Ordinance gives officers the legal right to enter campuses during operations. They complained that some students threw debris outside the campus and had illegally assembled at the university.

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