Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Hong Kong, a large number of citizens who opposed the legislation that facilitated the extradition of suspects to China surrounded the public and security buildings with the first light of the day.

Protesters, who do not find the decision to suspend the legal regulation sufficient, have 4 more requests includingcancellations of the regulation. Activists have blocked some roads leading to public buildings.

Protesters say they will continue to put pressure on Carrie Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other pro-Chinese executives, until their demands are accepted. The protesters, demanding the resignation of pro-Beijing Carrie Lam, reiterated their calls for the release of the detained activists during previous protests.

As it is known, millions of people who protest against the law with the thought that it will harm the legal independence of Hong Kong have been holding protest demonstrations for weeks.

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