Pro-opposition group organized demonstrations against government' policies of economy on 15 July Wednesday in Athens. 8 thousand protesters rallied in Syntagma Square with the slogans of “resign"Protesters chanted slogans of "Resign government” and "thieves" in the demonstrations without any incident. Some of the protesters claimed Parliaments’ stairs and swing printed money written "Go home Tsipras." on it. In response to an attempt of a protester to burn flag of European Union, organizers of the demonstration draw away the protestor. Government commented on the demonstration organized by New Democracy Party, the main opposition part as "foolish" and “aim at dividing the country".Following the demonstrations, a bus and trolleybus were burned. After the protest, a group gathered in Poly Technic School and set a trolleybus and a bus on fire. Group evacuated a bus and later set it on fire later in the day. After the bus, the group burned a trolleybus and responded the police forces with Molotov cocktails.Clashes continued for a long time by police response of lachrymatory bombs and blast bombs. Although nobody was injured, clashes in the Patission Street damaged the surrounding buildings. The street had been closed to traffic until the morning.Özcan Ali Osman

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