Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Tufan Erhürman, Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus announced his resignation to President Mustafa Akıncı.

Tufan Erhürman, the leader of the Republican Turkish Party, stated that his resignation was due to the resignation of the Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş and the coalition partner, the Halkın Partisi, after the government announced the withdrawal from the government.

Acknowledging the Prime Minister's resignation, Akıncı demanded that Erhürman continue his duty as prime minister until a new government is formed.

As it is known, Serdar Denktaş, who served as finance minister in the coalition government where Tufan Erhürman was prime minister, resigned his ministry yesterday, followed by the People's Party leader and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay, who announced that his party has decided to withdraw from the government.

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