İrem UZUN -TDO- Final year of primary and secondary school students in China returned to classes on Monday after a months-long closure, which began with the Lunar New Year holiday and was later extended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the primary and secondary schools that have reopened have only allowed seniors back on campus as they have to prepare for the high school and university entrance exams, said the director of the Ministry of Education's leading group on the COVID-19 response. State newspaper China Daily said that 30 provinces in the country, including Beijing and Shanghai, had reopened their schools so far.

Coronavirus restrictions have started to be eased and government began charting a path out of the pandemic lockdown in China. The government says it has largely curbed the spread of the disease. China has reported just 26 confirmed cases since Friday, bringing the total number to 82,830. All coronavirus patients in Wuhan have now been discharged, Beijing announced. However, the country is still on high alert with growing fears of imported cases and a second wave of domestic infections in the northeast.

Governments around the world, even the worst-affected ones from the virus, started to ease coronavirus restrictions. Italy and New York launched partial reopening plans, with France and Spain to follow suit this week. Italy has the second highest death toll at 26,000, followed by Spain, France and Britain, all at well over 20,000.

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