Liwa al-Tahrir, an Arab group within the Kurdish YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they are leaving the coalition. They stated that they made a call for a remodelling in the coalition , claiming that SDF should represent not only the Kurds, but also all Syrian People . And for their call never been answered , they declared that Liwa Al tahrir left SDF coalition.After the Euphrades Shield operation , facing a probable battle with Turkey caused a crisis between Arab and Kurd groups in SDF. The Arab groups , like Liwa Al Tahrir and Ahrar Rakka, in SDF resist to fight against Turkey . Forcing the Arabs in SDF to fight against Turkey uprose the crisis and in some Arab- controlled places crisis turned in to armed conflict. Because of this crisis and armed conflict some of the Arab warriors from Liwa Al Tahrir surrendered to Turkish Army.Liwaa al-Tahrir leader stated that the “Syrian Democratic Forces is supposed to be for all Syrians, but it seems YPG is against this”.
Separatly, it’s reported that Arab-Kurd tensions increased in Ayn Issa forcing YPG to dispatch units to take over checkpoints under Liwa Ahrar Raqqa control.It’s expressed that all these events show a big crisis between Arabs and Kurds , and a huge crack in US backed SDF coalition.
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