Mustafa AY – TDO – 1.10.2017 Through independence referendum in Catalonia, Spanish administration unavoidably escalated its pressure on the Catalan government. Independence referendum that has been planned to occur led many deterrent policies to be adopted by Madrid so far. From this moment on, Madrid administration adopted new of those pressure-oriented policies that is sealing off the polling station. In the previous ones, Madrid picked up the polling ballets and boxes so that they could show the impossibility of the referendum. By sealing off the polling stations, Madrid inevitably prepared the ground for cancellation of the referendum with no beginning.

Over 160 schools, which were occupied on the pretext of film screening and yoga classes by Catalan govt., were also closed by Madrid. Despite all the efforts of Catalan officials to achieve secession from Spain, 49 percent of total population of Catalonia region would not like to split with Spain for now. Even though the figure of ‘no’ voters exceeds the number of ‘yes’ voters, Spanish government insists on put extra-pressure on Catalan government, which may most likely push overwhelming ‘no’ voters to say ‘yes’ in the referendum, if it is administered.      

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