Serhat TUNAR -TDO- It was announced that 5 out of 22 people who had applied to run for the presidential election in Algeria on 12 December had accepted their candidacy.

Mohammed Sherefi, head of the National Independent Election Administration, said in a statement that 5 of the 22 candidates who applied for elections on December 12 had met the terms of their candidacy.

Former prime ministers Ali Bin Flis (Secretary General of the Vanguard Party of freedoms), Abdulmecid Tebun (independent), Abdulaziz Beliyd (independent Front party), Izzeddin Meyhubi (Democratic National Community) and Abdulkadir Bin Karine (head of the National Building Movement) have accepted the nomination, he said.

The head of the National Independent Election Administration added that many of the candidates were eliminated because they could not complete the 50 thousand signatures required to be obtained from citizens.

People whose application for candidacy is rejected have the right to apply to the Constitutional Court for appeal. The court must decide the appeals within a week at the latest.

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