By Mustafa AY -TDO– 03.08.2017 Following American Congress’s voting for new sanctions over N.Korea, Iran and Russia, many politicians had curiosity about whether President Trump uphold the bill or not. At last, Trump approved the bill and the bill is finally implemented. However, Trump and his Foreign Secretary Tillerson made an impression of reluctance to enforce new strict sanction over Russia, but keen on imposing against other 2 countries. Because Trump and Tillerson espoused an unwanted possible destiny foreseeing that USA would likely be in the middle of sequence of troublesome events that are challenging to be undone by themselves.

The core motive why Donald Trump signed the bill is Congressional Probe about whether clandestine relationship between Kremlin and himself occurred. Through this law proposal, Congress took President’s pulse. In case of his rejection to adopt the bill, Republicans and Democrats in the Congress and also Senate would have taken side against him which is a situation leading Senate to remove him from the office. In accordance with Federal Constitution, Senate is granted with a privilege to dismiss president under the condition of ‘2/3rd voting for dismissal’.

President Donald Trump himself undermined his authority with this decision that he was coerced to give. After Congress and Senate acquired the ammunition ‘Kremlin’, Committee founded in Congress managed some move against his authority. During this process, Congressional Committee caused the resignation of National Security Advisor of Trump, Michael Flynn and many others who Trump counted on. For this reason, Trump seemingly lost many rights relating to executive, which are granted by Federal Constitution, to legislation. This is an inevitable end for Trump.

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